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It's understandable that our worlds revolve around our little ones, but this means that adults tend to be forgotten about, especially in places designed for children.

We are the space where families can enjoy time together, where each can have their own space and with each other...

Jenny & Tamar, co-founders of Jelly Lounge

Local residents, old friends and mothers of young children Jenny and Tamar shared a belief that the soft play leisure space was all too samey, thus ripe for change. In 2015 they came up with the Jelly Lounge concept – a centrally located space with a good vibe, great food and where children and parents are looked after in equal measure.

“We set up the Jelly Lounge because we wanted an almighty challenge or we were slightly bonkers, or both. We whole heartedly believe that families should be better taken care of in a place oozing with fun and where both children and adults can kick back and take the weight of the world off their shoulders.”

A fresh take on things

Our core belief was that a family club should be a conveniently located and carefully interior designed space in the heart of town.

  • A welcoming and easily accessible club for the whole family.
  • A safe haven with the latest play installations for children of all ages.
  • A chef-led eatery with freshly cooked, wholesome food and locally sourced produce.
  • Damn good coffee.

“We aim to create a place where children and adults can enjoy some down time, where both interests are brought together, where there is something for the whole family.”

Jenny & Tamar


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