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Let’s Learn! Experiential Play Classes by TutorSense
Tutor Sense @TheJellyLounge

This summer, we’re partnering with TutorSense Education to offer a series of specialist classes for Early Years and KS1 students. Each class is designed to supercharge an area of your child’s learning in a fun, imaginative way.

⭐️ Small group, one hour sessions
🕰 Choose a class by topic or time
📅 Classes available daily from 10am – 5pm
🗓 July 12th – August 31st

Pre-School Power Up
Designed to develop the key skills that students need for starting school, our fun summer classes will ensure your child thrives this September. (£15)
Pre-School Power Up
Speech and Teach
 Fun-filled sessions designed to widen your child’s vocabulary, promote communication, and prepare them for reading and writing tasks at primary school. (£15)
Speech & Teach
Get Social
Social and academic development go hand-in-hand. That’s why we’ve created targeted sessions designed to develop crucial social skills like turn-taking, sharing, and co-operation. (£15)
Get Social
KS1 SESSIONS (5-7 years) 
Book Worms
Escape to a world of heroes and villains, fantasy and fiction, or create one yourself! (£20)
Book Worms

Number Ninjas
This summer, we’re bringing maths to life with a series of exciting, story-based sessions that encourage students to work through a range of mathematical puzzles. (£20)
Number Ninjas
Daring Detectives
Put your child’s detective skills to the test as we attempt to crack devilishly difficult cases through a series of verbal and non-verbal reasoning tasks! (£20)
Earth Explorers
Join us for a trip around the world! Discover some of the Earth’s most hostile environments, meeting the plants and animals that not only survive there, but thrive. (£20)

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