We passionately believe that families should be better cared for in a place oozing with fun and intrigue, a haven both for children and parents, where families can come together to play, relax, meet, eat and repeat. Welcome to our space, your space... Follow us on social media to keep up to date with our latest goings on.

Christmas events now available to book - Limited spaces.

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Come play with us! Our cool play area has been created to keep our little ones active and engaged for longer. Meanwhile parents can play with their friends in our chef-led eatery, safe in the knowledge that the kids are getting their daily dose of fun and interaction.


We offer a whole range of classes and workshops for all – fun and relevant – to keep both kids and adults inspired.


We all love to party! At the Jelly Lounge we love hosting! Let us take care of the stress and the mess, so you can celebrate too!


A chef-led kitchen with wholesome, seasonal and natural food to suit all tastes. Local produce too, fresh pastries and coffee brewed at 96 degrees.


Movie nights, festive celebrations, summer camps – tell us what you want and we’ll do it. Follow us on social media to keep up to date with our latest events…


There are two ways to enjoy the Jelly play space: Pay as You Go or Membership. For those likely to use the play space regularly, Membership may be a more cost-effective option which comes with endless benefits in tow…

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  • Soft play in the city – interior designed space with cool and inspiring installations
  • A fun-loving team on hand to help you play and take it easy
  • Locally sourced and healthy food that people love...

[Ad]dress your salad properly

Not all salads are created equally...

Coffee brewed at 96°

Consistently good. Period.

Healthy snacks and juices

Natural and nutritious.

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