Coffee Lovers LOVE these 6 Tasty Beverages

How many of these coffees do you know?

CALLING ALL COFFEE LOVERS! Today we’re diving into the interesting nuances of how our most popular coffee orders are expertly handled by our talented baristas.

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The Jelly Lounge - Long Black
6) Long Black

Kicking off this list is the drink of the coffee purist. You like nothing better than to experience the rich taste of the coffee as it was originally intended.

A long black, like an espresso, is ideal for those who prefer their coffee black. A single 30ml shot of coffee is poured over 120-160mls of hot (not boiling) water to make a long black. You may retain the crema intact by pouring the coffee over the water, which results in a deeper flavour and a little colder temperature.

5) Macchiato

Next up is the famed Macchiato; if you’re having this, then you are likely trying to sneak an espresso into the afternoon for that midday pick-me-up. It’s a happy middle between an espresso and a cappucino.

The macchiato is ideal for those who don’t want a black coffee but don’t want to go too light on the milk. It’s a single 30ml espresso shot with a dollop of warm milk foam on top.

The Jelly Lounge - Macchiato


The Jelly Lounge - Flat White
4) Flat White

You enjoy the nuanced flavours of specialty coffee but want something dairy-based, you may prefer a flat white to a latte. Because it has less milk, a flat white will allow you to more fully experience the sensorial profile of the beans.

It’s a coffee that is made with a single shot of espresso and steamed milk and served in a 250ml porcelain cup. A flat white is distinguished by the absence of milk froth, which keeps the milk “flat.”

3) Cappucino

A little bit more milk goes a long way and it can be a perfect complement to your mornings, keeping you fuller for longer.

A single shot of espresso is combined with equal parts warm steamed milk and milk foam in this popular recipe. It’s usually served in a porcelain cup with a chocolate powder sprinkling on top.

The Jelly Lounge - Cappucino

The Jelly Lounge - Latte
2) Latte

While a latte and a flat white are extremely similar, there are a few major differences. A latte, which is typically served in a glass, has a larger milk-to-coffee ratio than a flat white with a small bit of milk foam on top. Lattes are popular in the UK, but not in the rest of the world; in Italy, you’ll get a cup of milk if you request a latte.

1) Espresso

The king of the morning! The perfect way to kickstart your day when you’re feeling like you need that extra burst of energy to get you through the long day ahead.

The word espresso is often used as a catch-all phrase for coffee these days, it’s crucial to know what you’re getting if you order this dark brew. A single 30ml shot of espresso (also known as a short black) is served piping hot (60 degrees) and without milk.

The Jelly Lounge - Espresso

So that wraps up our list! What did you think coffee lovers?

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